Vögtlin Instruments GSC Red-y Smart Mass Flow Controller

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  • Combination of Analog & Digital interface as standard
  • Built-in LED Operating Status Indication
  • High accuracy
  • Free Get Red-y Software for efficient device management
  • Safe and Fast Control with low leak rate
  • Built-in display (Optional)
  • Multigas (Optional)
  • Profibus, Profinet RT, and EtherCAT interfaces are available (Optional)
  • 3-Years Warranty

The Vögtlin Red-y Smart Series Mass Flow Controller sets new standards for mass flow measurement with its high accuracy MEMS technology (CMOS Sensors). Using the Thermal Mass Flow Measurements principle, the Red-y Smart Series is not affected by pressure and temperature changes, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements.

All Red-y Smart Mass Flow Controllers come with real gas calibration, which is traceable to the METAS standard (Federal office of Metrology, Switzerland). This ensures high accuracy and reproducibility, giving users confidence in the device’s performance.

The “Get Red-y” software, which is available for free with the Red-y Smart Series, allows for efficient device management via any PC. The software allows users to view flow rate & temperature, flow control, select measuring gas and other features.

The optional built-in display of the Red-y Smart Series enables users to send SetPoint directly from the screen, and up to 10 different gas or gas mixtures are available under one Red-y Smart with the multi-gas option.

The latest MEMS technology used in the Red-y Smart Series mass flow meters and controllers means that they have both RS485 and analog interfaces as standard. Additionally, the Profibus interface is available as an option.

In general, the Red-y Smart series is an efficient, reliable and versatile solution for mass flow measurement in various industrial applications.

Data Sheet: Vogtlin Red-y Smart Datasheet
Quick Manual: Vogtlin Red-y Smart Quick Manual
Manual: Vogtlin Red-y Smart Operating Manual

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