Supmea SUP-R6000C Paperless Recorder

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The Supmea SUP-R6000C Color paperless recorder with fixed point/program segment incorporates an advanced differential control algorithm. The proportional band (P), integral time (I), and derivative time (D) operate independently, allowing adjustments without impacting one another. This configuration effectively manages system overshoot while demonstrating robust anti-interference capabilities.

The SUP-R6000C paperless recorder is a versatile device featuring a 24-channel universal input. It offers flexibility in configuring inputs, accommodating various signal types such as standard voltage, standard current, thermocouple, thermal resistance, frequency, millivolt, and more.

This recorder can be equipped with 8-loop control and 18-channel alarm outputs, or alternatively, it can support 12-channel analog output. It comes with a range of communication interfaces including RS232/485, Ethernet, a mini-printer interface, USB interface, and an SD card socket. Additionally, it can facilitate sensor distribution.

The device boasts an array of powerful display functions, including real-time curve display, real-time control display, historical curve retrospection, bar graph display, and alarm status display, making it a comprehensive solution for various monitoring and control needs.

Model: SUP-R6060T2P1A01A
Supmea Paperless Recorder
Number of inputs: 6 channels
Input: Voltage/Current/Thermocouple/RTD
Communication: RS485
USB Connection: Power Supply: 176 ~ 264 VAC

Datasheet: Supmea SUP-6000C-5000C Paperless Recorder Datasheet
Instruction Manual: Supmea SUP-6000C Paperless Recorder Instruction Manual

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Supmea SUP-R6000C Paperless Recorder

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