Shimax MAC6A / MAP6A Series Digital Pattern Controller

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  • Universal Input: Thermocouple, RTD, DC, Voltage, and DC Current
  • High accuracy: ±0.1% of FS + 1 digit
  • Sampling Period: 50msec, 166.7msec, 250msec, 500msec are selectable
  • Program: MAX 96 Steps with 8 patterns for MAP6A
  • PV-SV Multi points compensation: Max 11 Points
  • Space Saving Design: Panel Depth 65mm
  • 4 Zones PID Control
  • Digital display, Bar Graph display, and Status display
  • Available decimal point: None, 1/10, 1/100, 1/1000, 1/10000

The Shimax MAC6A / MAP6A Series Digital Pattern Controller is a sophisticated and reliable device designed for precise control and automation of complex temperature and time-based processes. With advanced features and versatile programming capabilities, it offers enhanced flexibility and efficiency in various industrial applications.

Featuring a user-friendly interface and a large, high-resolution LCD display, the MAC6A / MAP6A Series provides clear visibility and easy operation. The intuitive menu navigation allows users to easily set up and modify temperature and time parameters, making it suitable for both experienced operators and those new to temperature control systems.

The MAC6A / MAP6A Series supports multi-step programming, allowing users to create complex temperature and time profiles with multiple segments. Each segment can be customized with specific temperature setpoints, ramp rates, and duration, providing precise control over heating and cooling processes. The controller also offers the ability to repeat or loop sequences, enabling efficient and accurate replication of temperature patterns.

With its built-in PID control algorithm, the MAC6A / MAP6A Series ensures precise temperature regulation and stability. The advanced autotuning feature optimizes control parameters automatically, adapting to changes in the process dynamics and enhancing control performance. Additionally, the controller supports various input types, including thermocouples and RTDs, ensuring compatibility with different temperature sensors.

The MAC6A / MAP6A Series is equipped with multiple output options, including relay outputs, SSR (Solid State Relay) outputs, and analog outputs, providing flexibility in controlling external devices such as heaters, coolers, and actuators. It also offers alarm functions to alert operators in case of temperature deviations or system faults, ensuring process safety and minimizing downtime.

Designed for seamless integration and communication, the MAC6A / MAP6A Series includes communication ports such as RS485, allowing connection to supervisory systems, PLCs, or other devices for remote monitoring and control. This enables centralized management and data logging, facilitating process optimization and analysis.

With its robust construction and reliable performance, the Shimax MAC6A / MAP6A Series Digital Pattern Controller is an ideal choice for industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, heat treatment, food processing, and laboratory applications. It provides precise temperature control, advanced programming capabilities, and seamless integration, making it a valuable tool for optimizing complex temperature and time-based processes.

Data Sheet: Shimax MAC6_MAP6 Controller Data Sheet
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