Setra SRH200 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter


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Specially designed for HVAC, the SRH200 sensor by Setra is a cost-effective, highly accurate and reliable solution for measuring relative air humidity and temperature.

Proprietary sensing element

The SRH200 employs a capacitive sensing element which exhibits excellent long term stability and resistance
against pollutants. The SRH200 provides measurement accuracy of ±2.5 % RH and is available for wall or duct mounting with current, voltage, BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU output.

Hassle-free configuration

Optional configuration accessories (SETRAPCA1 and SETRAPCA2), and user-friendly software makes it possible to readily set RS485 interface parameters, customize the output scaling, and perform one or two-point adjustment of RH and temperature on any SRH200 unit.

Product design

The SRH200’s form factor and thoughtful design allow for a simple and efficient installation. The quarter-turn bayonet
screws and the easily accessible electrical connections enable a hassle-free setup, greatly reducing installation cost.
The IP65/NEMA 4 faceplate also provides incredible protection against contaminants and condensation, prolonging the products life and ensuring reliable operation.

Output: BACnet
Type: Wall Mount
Sensor Ports: One
Probe Length: Fixed
Filter Type: Membrane Filter
Units: Metric
Baud Rate: Please specify
Parity: BACnet Unit
Stop Bits: BACnet Unit

Data Sheet: sku SRH200 Data Sheet
Instruction Manual: sku SRH200 Operating Instructions

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Setra SRH200 Humidity and Temperature TransmitterSetra SRH200A2W1NNMFMXBB