Setra SRH Wall Mount Humidity Transmitter

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  • Active Temperature With Jumper Selectable
  • Excellent Reliability Through ASIC Technology
  • Robust Capacitive Sensor Design
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • ±2%, ±3% and ±5% FS Accuracy
  • Replaceable Sensor Tip
  • Quick Mount, 2 Screw Install With Plug-In Terminal Wiring
  • 5 Year Warranty on Electronics
  • 2 Year Warranty on Sensor Module
  • CE and RoHS Compliant

The Setra SRH Thin Wall Mount Temperature and Humidity Transmitter is a versatile device that measures humidity and temperature simultaneously. It is available in various accuracies, temperatures, and outputs to suit different requirements. The device features a detachable probe that is traceable back to NIST and a rugged capacitive sensor capable of measuring 0 to 99% relative humidity. The SRH Series offers accuracy levels of 3%, 3%, and 5% for demanding HVAC applications. The device offers both passive (RTD thermistor) and active (analog) temperature outputs, making it an ideal solution for two measurements in one device.

Easy calibration and replaceable sensing probe The SRH comes with easily replaceable sensing probes that can be replaced without any professional training. Each sensing module is calibrated before shipment, eliminating the need for any subsequent calibration operations, reducing downtime caused by maintenance.

Selectable temperature output The SRH provides both active and passive temperature outputs. The active output can be selected from 40oC, 50oC, or 60oC temperature range by jumper.

Ideal for various applications The SRH is suitable for a wide range of applications such as HVAC/R control, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), laboratory, cultural relic protection, and clean electronics factory.

Data Sheet: Setra Model SRH Wall Data Sheet
Instruction Manual: Setra_Model_SRH_Wall_Operating_Instructions

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