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Setra FLEX™ offers an easy-to-use, flexible indoor environment control and monitoring solution. The beautiful smooth mounting panel combined with the intuitive graphic display meets a variety of exterior architectural requirements. The product supports up to 3 rooms and monitors up to 6 parameters per room. For additional I/O, other I/O modules can be added to monitor more complex applications. The differential pressure sensor is optional at the factory and can also be ordered separately and mounted above the ceiling. Supports BACnet/IP or BACnet MS/TP network protocols for easy integration into building automation systems.

  • Support 3 rooms, six parameters per room
  • 7″ Sensitive Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Support BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP

Modular design

The FLEX™ monitor has a modular hardware design and is suitable for mounting on walls of various thicknesses worldwide. For applications with a wall depth of less than 50 mm, order models with external pressure sensors. When mounted in a triple box, a model with an integrated onboard sensor is available to order. Sufficient built-in I/O meets the connection needs of the most common device and sensor applications. For additional connectivity needs or more advanced HVAC applications, order accessory expansion I/O modules. All pressure detection types use differential pressure transmitters with a precision of up to 0.25%. The projection-sensitive capacitive touch screen is equipped with a swipe feature that allows medical gloves to operate. The panel is fixed to the device’s main body, which can prevent erroneous operation and is easy to open for pressure calibration.


FLEX is available in two models, providing both the best price-to-performance and the one-of-a-kind feature set to meet the most challenging application needs. Both FLEXs can be controlled over the network via read/write BACnet objects, permitting both local control via the touchscreen or control from the BMS.

FLEX software meets all application requirements and supports up to 3 rooms. FLEX-RM (Indoor Monitor) only provides monitoring functions for applications that do not use the touchscreen for control. The FLEX-RC (indoor controller) includes monitoring functions, PI loops, or network control functions for VAV boxes, venturi valves, or liquid cycle reheat valves. The software is pre-installed, and configuration and network integration can be accomplished through a simple setup screen. No programming is required. After the configuration is complete, the standard USB stick can be used to copy the configuration settings to other devices, reducing the commissioning time. Also, the configuration can be done remotely via the BACnet network.
The FLEX™ Monitor is both a controller and a monitor that emits audible and visual alarms for all indoor environmental parameters. By selecting two PI control loops and two monitoring sets, four indoor modes (such as occupied and unoccupied) can be arbitrarily configured and save energy consumption.

  • Supports up to 3 Rooms, 6 Parameters Each
  • 4 Inputs & 2 Outputs On-board
  • 8 Inputs & 8 Outputs Expansion I/O Module
  • 7″ Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Flush Mount to Wall
  • Mounts in Standard Electrical Boxes
  • Full Touch Response with Medical Gloves
  • No Programming Required
  • Onboard or External Pressure Transducer
  • High Accuracy 0.25% Sensor Standard
  • Monitor and Control Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Air Change Rate and 2 User Defined Parameters
  • 4 Customizable Room Profiles
  • 2 Levels of Password Security
  • Configuration Options Help Reduce Nuisance Alarms
  • User-defined On-screen Text and Icons
  • 50mm Wall Depth when Sensor is Mounted  Remotely
  • Cloning Features Reduces Time Required for Multi-Unit Installation

Data Sheet: Setra FLEX Data Sheet
Instruction Manual:Setra FLEX Install Operating Guide

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