Setra 269 Low Differential Pressure Transducer

  • End Point 0.25% Accuracy – Improved Linearity
  • Secure Calibration Key for Zero/Span Adjustments
  • 2:1 Turndown Ratio Available
  • Fire Retardant Case (UL 94 V-0 Approved)
  • Enhanced Thermal Performance
  • One Way Measuring Range: 0~0.1 to 0~10.0in.W.C.
  • Two Way Measuring Range: ± 0.05 to ± 5.0 in. W. C.
  • Applicable to air or non-conductive gas

Setra’s Series 269 differential pressure sensor measures differential pressure and gauge pressure (static) pressure and converts this differential pressure into a proportional electrical output. You can choose either a one-way pressure range or a two-way pressure range. The 269 Series offers 4 to 20 mA analog outputs.
Applied to build energy management systems, the performance of these sensors accurately controls building pressurization and airflow.
The 269 Series sensors are available in ranges from 0.1 in.W.C. up to 100 in.W.C. The standard static accuracy is ±0.25% FS at room temperature. The thermal drift after temperature compensation in the temperature range of -7 ° C ~ +60 ° C is ± 0.02% FS / ° C.
The Model 269 features an improved all-stainless steel inert gas protection argon arc welding sensor. A tight stainless steel membrane and a fixed stainless steel electrode insulated from it form a variable capacitor. The forward pressure causes the diaphragm to move toward the fixed electrode, and the capacitance increases. When the pressure is reduced, the diaphragm is away from the electrode and the capacitance is reduced. Capacitance changes are detected and converted to linear DC signals by Setra’s unique electronic circuitry. The tension sensing element allows overpressure of 2 PSI (in any direction) without damage. In addition, the materials constituting the various components of the sensitive component have a good temperature coefficient matching, so that the temperature performance and long-term stability of the product are sufficiently improved.


  • Pharmaceutical workshop pressure monitoring
  • Cleanroom
  • Isolation room
  • Critical position pressure monitoring
  • HVAC
  • Energy Management System
  • Variable air system and fan control (VAV)
  • Environmental pollution control
  • Laboratory and fume hood control
  • Oven pressurization and furnace ventilation control


  • Full scale 10PSI overload capability
  • Minimize installation time with rail mounting, Easy-to-Access pressure interface, and electrical connection
  • 2-wire 4~20mA analog output compatible with all energy management systems
  • Miswire protection
  • Internal adjustment allows the use of unregulated power supplies
  • Flame-retardant casing (UL94V-0 certification)
  • CE compliant
  • Meet FDA standards

Data Sheet: Setra Model 269 Data Sheet
User Manual: Setra Model 269 Operating Instructions

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