Setra 261C Low Differential Pressure Transducer

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  • Setra variable capacitance sensing technology
  • Stainless steel sub-arc welding sensitive elements
  • On-site LCD display
  • Cast aluminum housing, IP65 protection level
  • Standard accuracy of ±1%FS
  • Accuracy can reach ±0.4%, ±0.25%FS (optional)
  • The minimum measurement range can reach 0~25Pa

The Model 261C series differential pressure sensor is specifically designed for HVAC applications, using Setra’s unique variable capacitance technology. It consists of a stainless steel diaphragm and a gold-plated ceramic fixed electrode, forming a variable capacitor. When pressure changes, the gap between the two plates changes, causing the capacitance to change. Setra’s unique detection circuit converts the capacitance value change into a linear DC electrical signal.

The Model 261C series inherits Setra’s traditional high precision, fast response, and ultra-low range characteristics. It also takes into account the requirements of pharmaceutical and clean rooms for differential pressure transmitters, with an LCD display on-site, fully meeting industry application requirements. It is an ideal choice for pharmaceutical plants, clean electronic clean rooms, and clean laboratories.

The Model 261C differential pressure transmitter can be used to measure differential pressure or gauge pressure (static pressure), and can select a 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, or 0-10VDC output signal. The Model 261C sensor/transmitter has been temperature compensated, with an excitation voltage of 24VDC, and can also be powered by a 24VAC power supply for voltage signal products. The minimum measurement range of Model 261 is 025Pa, with a standard accuracy of ±1%FS at room temperature. The temperature compensation range is +5+65℃, and the temperature influence is less than ±0.06%FS/℃ through the temperature compensation circuit.

With its outstanding performance-to-price ratio, Model 261 is widely used in pharmaceutical workshops, clean electronic clean rooms, and isolation wards for infectious diseases.


  • Pharmaceutical clean rooms
  • Clean electronic clean rooms
  • Clean laboratories
  • Infectious disease wards
  • Animal quarantine rooms
  • Fire stairway differential pressure detection

Data Sheet: Setra 261C Differential Pressure Transmitter

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