Precision Digital PD6830 ProtEX-RTP Flow Rate Totalizer

Precision Digital PD6830-BM0-I


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Model: PD6830-BM0-I 
Product Type: Flow Rate / Totalizer 
Input: Pulse 
Output Options: (2) Open Collectors 
Power: Battery or 9-30 VDC 
Approvals: ATEX (FP), CE, CSA (XP), FM (XP), IEC (FP) 
Display Category: LCD, Dual Line, Sunlight Readable 
Display: Dual Line, 0.7″ & 0.4″ High, 5 & 7 Digits, Decimal, LCD 
Serial Comms: Isolated RS-485 Modbus 
Warranty: 3 years 
Backlight: DC- or Battery-Powered 
Product Series: ProtEX 
Product Family: PD6830 
Product category: Explosion-Proof, Field Mounted Indicators 
Product Application: Flow Rate Totalizer, Speed, Hazardous Area

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The ProtEX-RTP PD6830 is an explosion-proof flow rate/totalizer that can display flow rate and total from a pulse output flowmeter. Its display has a five digit upper line for rate, a seven alpha-numeric character lower line for total, and comes standard with a backlight. Like all ProtEX products, the PD6830 carries FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx approvals for use in hazardous areas. It can be powered from an included battery or a 24 VDC external power supply. Some features that really make the PD6830 flow rate/totalizer stand out are its automatic unit conversions from flowmeter k-factor units, ability to log up to 1024 data points, and SafeTouch® through-glass buttons. These buttons allow the PD6830 to be programmed and operated through the glass, thus eliminating the need to remove the cover in a hazardous area.

Data Sheet: LDS6830 Data Sheet
Instruction Manual:  LIM6830_0 Instruction Manuals

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Precision Digital PD6830 ProtEX-RTP Explosion-Proof Pulse Input Flow Rate/TotalizerPrecision Digital PD6830-BM0-I