Precision Digital PD6200 ProVu Analog Input Flow Rate Totalizer

Precision Digital PD6200-6R5


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Model: PD6200-6R5 
Product Type: 1/8 DIN Flow Rate/Totalizer Digital Panel Meter 
Input: Current (4-20 mA), Voltage (0-10 V) 
Output Options: 2 Relays & 4-20 mA Output 
Power: 85-265 VAC, 90-265 VDC 
Approvals: CE, UL/C-UL 
Transmitter Power: 24 VDC @ 200 mA + 24 VDC @ 40 mA 
Display Category: LED, Dual Line 
Display: 0.6″ High, Dual Line, 6 Digits, Red LED 
Warranty: 3 years 
Product Series: ProVu 
Product Family: PD6200 
Product Category: Digital Panel Meters 
Product Application: Flow Rate Totalizer

Wiring Diagram:


  • The meter has two displays: an upper display (0.60″ high) and a lower display (0.46″ high), both with 6 digits and red LEDs.
  • Display intensity is adjustable with eight levels.
  • The display update rate is 5 times per second (200 ms).
  • Overrange and underrange conditions are indicated by flashing displays.
  • The upper and lower displays can be assigned to various parameters such as rate, total, grand total, max/min, units, set points, or Modbus input.
  • The front panel is NEMA 4X and IP65 rated for protection against water and dust.
  • Programming can be done using front panel buttons, digital inputs, PC software (MeterView Pro), or Modbus registers.
  • The meter has three programmable passwords for restricting modification of settings and preventing total resets.
  • All programmed settings are stored in non-volatile memory for at least 10 years in case of power loss.
  • Power options include 85-265 VAC 50/60 Hz or 12-24 VDC. USB power is only used for configuration.
  • The meter has isolated transmitter power supply terminals for providing 24 VDC to external devices.
  • The operating temperature range is -40 to 65°C, and the storage temperature range is -40 to 85°C.
  • The meter is equipped with removable screw terminal blocks for wiring connections.

PD6200 Analog Inputs:

  • The meter supports field-selectable inputs: 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, ±10 VDC, or Modbus PV (Slave).
  • The accuracy is ±0.03% of calibrated span ±1 count, with programmable exponent accuracy range and square root accuracy range.
  • Linear, square root, programmable exponent, and round horizontal tank volume calculations are available.
  • Multi-point linearization with 2 to 32 points and programmable exponent with a range of 1.0001 to 2.9999 can be configured.
  • The meter has low-flow cutoff and decimal point settings.
  • Input impedance varies based on voltage or current ranges.
  • Input overload protection is provided for current inputs.
  • The analog input does not interfere with existing HART communications on the wired 4-20 mA signal.


  • The meter has internal and/or external relays with SPDT (Form C) and SPST (Form A) configurations.
  • Relay ratings are 3 A @ 30 VDC and 125/250 VAC resistive load or 1/14 HP (≈ 50 W) @ 125/250 VAC for inductive loads.
  • Noise suppression is recommended for relay contact switching inductive loads.
  • Relays can be assigned to rate, total, or grand total parameters.
  • Deadband, high or low alarms, relay operation mode, reset options, time delays, and fail-safe operation are programmable.

Isolated 4-20 mA Transmitter Output:

  • The meter provides an isolated 4-20 mA transmitter output.
  • The output source can be configured for various parameters.
  • Scaling range is 1.000 to 23.000 mA for any display range.
  • Factory calibration is set to 4.000 to 20.000 mA = 4-20 mA output.
  • The accuracy is ±0.1% FS ±0.004 mA.
  • The transmitter output has its own temperature drift characteristics.
  • The meter has isolated transmitter power supply terminals for providing 24 VDC.

Serial Communications:

  • The meter supports Modbus RTU protocol for serial communication.
  • It can be assigned.


Differential Pressure Flow

The PD6200 can display flow rate and total by extracting the square root from the 4-20 mA signal from a differential pressure transmitter. The user selectable low-flow cutoff feature gives a reading of zero when the flow rate drops below a user selectable value.

  • Display Flow Rate
  • User Selectable Low-Flow Cutoff
  • Only 2 Calibration Points Required

Convert Pulse to 4-20 mA with PD6300

The PD6300 accepts the pulse output from a flowmeter and with the appropriate option installed can convert the pulse to a 4-20 mA signal. The 4-20 mA signal can be programmed to correspond to either the flow rate or the total flow.

  • Use K-Factor or Multi-Point Scaling
  • ProVu Powers the Flowmeter
  • Display Flow Rate & Total

Open Channel Flow

The PD6200, in combination with an ultrasonic level transmitter, makes for an economical way to measure and display open channel flow rate and total in most weirs and flumes and take periodic samples. All the user needs to do is enter the exponent for the weir or flume into the PD6200 and the PD6200 automatically raises the input signal to that power. Sampling can be based on the total flow or the flow rate.

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Data Sheet: LDS6200 Datasheets
Instruction Manual: LIM6200_1 Instruction Manuals
Quick Start Manual: 

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