Precision Digital PD138 MINIMUX II Temperature and Process Scanner

Precision Digital PD138-3-CL


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Model: PD138-3-CL 
Product Type: 1/8 DIN 8-Input Process Scanner 
Input: Current (4-20 mA), Voltage (0-10 V), Thermocouple, RTD 
Output Options: 1 Relay 
Power: 115 VAC 
Display Category: LED, Sunlight Readable 
Type of Input: 4-20 mA Current Loop 
Warranty: 3 years 
Product Series: MINIMUX II 
Product Family: PD138 
Product Category: Annunciators & Scanners 
Product Application: Level, Pressure, Temperature, Process

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Instruction Manual: PD138 Instruction Manual
Data Sheet: PD138 Data Sheet
Massage Labels: PD138 MINUMUX II Series Message Labels

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