PHT (Photon Hydroxylation Technology) Air Purification Device


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PHT Technology combines the unique air purification technology of TiO2 advanced oxidation technology and photocatalysis technology. It uses a unique wide-wavelength photon wave and special metal catalyst layer to generate super-purifying purifications air, which can quickly and comprehensively remove harmful bacteria and odor air of viruses and bacteria. The pollutants of air can be perfectly clean and will not cause secondary pollution.

  • Elimite of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli up to 90%
  • Decomposes harmful gases in the air and eliminates odors
  • It can be connected with the central air conditioner, no need to control separately, and wind reaction is also available.
  • Subsiding respirable suspended particulates in the air.
  • With the brightness adjustment function, and brightness can be adjusted according to the actual use.
  • No moving parts, safe and quiet, low power consumption, energy-saving, and environmental protection.
  • External indicator light detects the running status and specific fault prompt function.
  • Plug-in structure design, easy to install, disassemble, clean, and repair.
  • Optional split structure.

Datasheet: V1 Environmental Products

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