OWON P4000 Series DC Power Supply

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  • Single Channel Output
  • Total Output Power: 150W
  • Channel Output: 0 – 30V/0 – 5A x 1-Ch


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  • Single Channel Output
  • Total Output Power: 180W
  • Channel Output: 0 – 60V/0 – 3A x 1-Ch


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Large LCD Display Power Supply
East to Read Parameters
Extensive Applications Power Supply
High Accuracy and Resolution Input/Output: Supports 1mV/1mA Resolution up to Full Load
Low Ripple and Noise Power Supply
Low Ripple and Noise to meet the requirements for high accuracy testing
5 Parameters memory Power supply
Save up to 5 sets of parameters in memory for easy recale
Multi Directional Cooling System
– Smart Cooling fan – Ensure consistent Full Load Cooling – Extends the product life

Full Digital DC Stabilized Power Supply

Compact Size Power Supply for great portability
P4000 Series Power Supply Button

  • Small body for easy carry
  • 180W maximum output power
  • High resolution: 1mV / 1mA
  • Low ripple/noise
  • Overvoltage/overcurrent protection
  • Multi-directional cooling system with smart fan
  • 3.7 inch TFT LCD display
  • Support RS232 digital communication
  • Support SCPI
ChannelSingle Channel Output
Total Output Power150W180W
Channel Output0 – 30V / 0 – 5A × 1-CH0 – 60V / 0 – 3A × 1-CH
Display 3.7-inch color LCD display
Dimension117mm(L) × 194mm(H)× 295mm(D)
WeightApprox. 5.6 kgApprox. 5.8 kg

The instrument must be operated continuously for more than 30 minutes at the specified temperature to ensure the following parameters.

Rated Output (0℃-40℃)Voltage0 – 30V0 – 60V
Load RegulationVoltage≤0.01%+3mV
Current≤0.01% + 3mA
Power RegulationVoltage≤0.01% + 3mV
Current≤0.01% + 3mA
Setting ResolutionVoltage1mV
Readback ResolutionVoltage1mV
Setpoint accuracy 
(within 12 months) 
Voltage≤0.03% + 10mV
Current≤0.1% + 5mA
Readback Resolution 
Voltage≤0.03% + 10mV
Current≤0.1% + 5mA
Voltage (Vp-p)≤4mVp-p
Voltage (rms)≤1mVrms
Current (rms)≤4mArms
Output temperature coefficient 
Voltage≤0.03% + 10mV
Current≤0.1% + 5mA
Readback temperature coefficientVoltage≤0.03% + 10mV
Current≤0.1% + 5mA
Response Time100 μs
Storage5 groups of data
Working Temperature0-40℃
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