Hengstler S21 Sinus

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Introducing the Hengstler S21, a sinewave encoder meticulously designed for motor feedback applications, renowned for its exceptional performance. Key features include:

  • Wide Temperature Range: The S21 is engineered with a broad temperature range from -15°C to +120°C, allowing the motor to operate effectively across a range of conditions.

  • High Bandwidth: With a broad bandwidth of 500 KHz at full signal quality, the S21 facilitates peak speeds, ensuring optimal motor performance.

  • Interference Immunity: The S21 boasts excellent immunity to interference, ensuring signal quality and reliability even in challenging electromagnetic environments.

  • Functional Dependability: Signal control and system monitoring contribute to high functional dependability, guaranteeing reliable operation and consistent performance.

Elevate your motor feedback systems with the Hengstler S21, a sinewave encoder designed to deliver precision, efficiency, and reliability across a wide range of operating conditions.

  • Broad bandwidth of 500 KHz at full signal quality
  • Excellent immunity to interference
  • error compensation
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