Hengstler ICURO RI59 Incremental Encoder

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Introducing the Hengstler RI59, a universally applicable industrial incremental encoder within the RI58 family, known for its exceptional flexibility. Key features include:

  • Flexibility: The RI59 family offers flexibility with a variety of versions, providing different flanges and connections to suit diverse industrial needs.

  • Shock Load Resistance: Designed to withstand high shock loads, the RI59 ensures reliability and durability in demanding industrial environments.

  • High Signal Accuracy: With high signal accuracy, the encoder delivers precise feedback, contributing to the accuracy and efficiency of various applications.

  • High Step Count: The RI59 supports up to 40,000 steps with 10,000 marks, ensuring detailed and accurate position feedback.

  • Versatile Applications: Well-suited for a wide range of applications, including machine tools, CNC axes, packaging machines, motors/drives, injection molding machines, and sawing machines.

Elevate the performance of your industrial machinery with the Hengstler RI59, a flexible and reliable industrial incremental encoder designed to meet the demands of diverse applications.

  • up to 10,000 pulses
  • -25°C to +85°C
  • max. 10,000 rpm
  • up to IP67
  • Aluminium housing
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