Hengstler ICURO RI38 Incremental Encoder

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Introducing the Hengstler RI38, a small incremental rotary encoder designed for universal fitting in front or rear panels. Key features include:

  • Universal Fitting: The RI38 is versatile and can be universally fitted in front or rear panels, providing flexibility in installation.

  • High-Grade Ball-Bearings: Equipped with high-grade ball-bearings, the encoder ensures high performance and features a small start-up torque, contributing to efficient and reliable operation.

  • Diverse Applications: Particularly suitable for various fields of application, the RI38 finds its place in miniature motors, laboratory equipment, labelling machines, plotters, and linear encoders.

Elevate the performance of your equipment with the Hengstler RI38, a compact and versatile incremental rotary encoder designed for diverse applications where precision and reliability are paramount.

  • up to 1024 pulses
  • -10°C to +60°C
  • 10,000 rpm
  • IP40
  • Plastic housing
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