Hengstler ACURO AD58 – Absolute Encoder

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Introducing the Hengstler AD58 – a multi-turn absolute encoder that stands out with its optical precision, featuring a multi-turn gear and optical scanning. The mechanical design revolves around a shaft assembly mounted in dual ball-bearings with a flexible torque support, making it an optimal choice for integration into BLDC servo motors. This exceptional encoder finds its place in demanding applications such as CNC, precision positioning, and high-resolution printing.

With resolutions reaching up to 22 bits for single-turn and 12 bits for multi-turn, the AD58 ensures unparalleled precision in every application. Elevate your motor control capabilities with the reliability and advanced technology embodied in the Hengstler AD58.

  • Mounting depth 23,65 mm
  • -15°C to 120°C operating temperature
  • 10,000 rpm in continuous operation
  • Optional sinewave 1 Vpp
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