Hengstler ACURO AD36 – Absolute Encoder

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Introducing the Hengstler AD36 – an optical absolute encoder featuring a multi-turn gear and optical scanning, packed into a compact 36 mm size. Setting itself apart in its class, the AD36 offers an 8 mm through hollow shaft, facilitating resolver-compatible installation, making it the only model of its kind. The mechanical ingenuity of the AD36 is based on a shaft assembly supported by dual ball-bearings and a flexible torque support, making it an optimal choice for integration into BLDC servo motors with small frame heights.

This encoder, equipped with the BiSS or SSI communication interface, empowers the creation of fully digital control circuits, enhancing adaptability in diverse systems. With resolutions reaching up to 19 bits for single-turn and 12 bits for multi-turn, the AD36 ensures precision at every level. Elevate your motor control capabilities with the innovative design and advanced technology of the Hengstler AD36.

  • -40°C to 120°C operating temperature
  • 10,000 rpm in continuous operation
  • Optional sinewave 1 Vpp
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