Gems LS-800 Series Multi-Point Float Level Switch

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The Gems LS-800 Series Multi-Point Level Switch is the ultimate solution for reliable and accurate level sensing. This switch is specifically designed to support larger, more buoyant floats and is physically stronger than other metallic models, ensuring better reliability in contaminated or turbulent media.

With a choice of mountings, floats, and materials configured for a wide range of applications in water, oils, chemicals, and corrosive liquids, the LS-800 switch offers SPST or SPDT switches that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a high or low-level alarm, this switch provides reliable and accurate sensing for all your applications.

If you want a durable and versatile level switch, the Gems LS-800 Series Multi-Point Level Switch is the right choice for you. Its ability to withstand harsh environments and support larger floats make it an excellent option for industrial applications. Order the LS-800 Float Level Switch today and experience the reliable and accurate level sensing you need for your applications.

  • Stainless Steel or Brass Mountings
  • 1 to 6 Actuation Levels
  • Lengths to Over 11 Feet (3.35 m)
  • U.L. Recognized; CSA Listed Versions Available

Instruction Manual: Reed Switch Protection
Datasheet: Gems_LS800-Series_Alloys-datasheet
Instruction Manual: Gems_LS-800_Manual
Product Guide: Gems_ProductGuide_LS800

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