Gems FT-110 Series Turbine Flow Meter

Gems 245148-C


Sensor TypeTurboFlow
Standard Flow Range (GPM).53-2.1 (15900 pulses/gallon)
Flow Range (GPM).53-2.1 (15900 pulses/gallon)
Body MaterialBrass
Port Size3/8″NPT male
Input Power5 VDC to 24 VDC @ 8mA
OutputNPN Sinking Open Collector @ 20mA, max.
Low Flow Accuracy±3%
Standard Flow Accuracy±3%
Maximum Pressure (PSI)200
Minimum Temperature (°F)-4
Maximum Temperature (°F)212
Electrical Termination24 AWG 3ft Cable
Wetted MaterialsBrass,Nylon 12,PTFE (15% Graphite),PA12
Recommended Filtration50 micron
Datasheet: Gems_FT110-Series-datasheet
Instruction Manual: Gems_FT-110_Manual
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