Gems 1200/1600 Series Pressure Sensors


Output: {H} 1-5 V
Pressure Datum: {G} Gauge
Pressure Range: {G30} 0-300 psi
Pressure Port: {02} 1/4″-18 NPT External
Electrical Connection: {A} 4 PIN DIN (Micro) Mating Connector Supplied
Apparatus Protection: {3} Amplified Only RFI Protection CE Mark, UR
Cable Length: {U} No Cable Fitted
Performance Code: {A} 0.5% Accuracy, 2.0% Thermal Error


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Gems 1200/1600 Series Pressure Sensors feature exceptional proof pressure and stability specifications, as well as a thicker diaphragm. The thicker diaphragm enables these pressure sensors to survive most pressure spikes caused by pump ripple, solenoid valves, etc. The 1600 series also features an all-welded stainless-steel back end for demanding industrial applications. 

  • Voltage and Current Output
  • Gauge, Vacuum, and Compound Pressure
  • General Purpose and Wash Down Enclosures
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