FineTek SB Series RF-Capacitance Solid Level Switch

Finetek SB Series RF-Capacitance level switch consists of a guard section, upper insulation, main probe, and grounding. The guard section is designed to overcome possible medium attachment and to secure signal accuracy. The special structure is suitable for detecting different mediums without being affected by attachments. The upper main probe, guard, and grounding are all insulated. The level of the medium can be detected by the increase of admittance when the medium reaches the main probe. The grounding and the main probe are insulated, thus the device will still function accurately and not cause false alarms when the medium attaches to the probe.

  • 0-30 seconds Time Delay Function
  • IP65 housing protection
  • 5 A/250Vac output DPDT
  • High/low failsafe
  • Alarm testing
  • Stable; Not affected by temperature
  • Highest temperature tolerance of 550°C
  • Explosion-proof 450°C

Catalog: Finetek SB Series Datasheet

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