FineTek EF Series Level Gauge & Transmitter

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The Finetek EF/MEF Series are magnetic level gauge product lines capable of providing a local visual indication, level switch activation, and a continuous level gauge transmitter output, all from a single device. They are by-pass-style level transmitter devices typically mounted on the side of a vessel.

The EF/MEF Series uses the principles of buoyancy and magnetism. A float with a magnet inside resides in the by-pass chamber. The chamber is attached to the vessel. The liquid level inside the chamber seeks the vessel’s liquid level. The float inside the chamber rises and falls as the liquid level inside the tank does the same.

Visual indicators, level switches, and magnetically activated level transducers can be attached to the by-pass chamber and are all activated by the magnet inside the float as it rises and falls in the chamber. The EF chamber has a typical ID of 60mm (2.36″), and the MEF mini-unit has a typical chamber ID of 1.18″ (30mm).



  • Replace glass gauge with safer magnetic level gauge technology
  • Visual indication only (like glass gauge)
  • Equip with single or multiple level switches and level transducer
  • Tank level indication and control where internal obstructions do not allow invasive technologies


  • Petrochemical
  • Power
  • Wastewater
  • Boiler areas
  • Many others
  • Ranges up to 5.8m (19ft)
  • Safer than glass gauges
  • Maximum operating temperature up to 400⁰C (752⁰F )
  • As visual indication, switches, and level transducer 
  • Marine certified

Catalog: Finetek EF Series By-Pass Level Transmitter Datasheet

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