E+H TH13 Modular RTD thermometer, US style

The robust device with a barstock thermowell is a complete unit ready for use with various housing transmitter heads to meet the application and space requirement needs. The unit offers enhanced measurement accuracy and reliability. A variety of process connections, dimensions, and materials (like 316L SS and Hastelloy C276) offer flexible application possibilities.


● High flexibility due to modular assembly with standard terminal heads and customized immersion length
● One Source shopping for temperature measurement solutions. World class transmitter with integrated sensor offering for heavy process industry applications. Remove and install straight out of the box!
● Improved galvanic isolation on most devices (2 kV)
● Simplified sku structure: Competitively priced, offers great value. Easy to order and reorder. A single sku number includes sensor and transmitter assembly for a complete point solution
● All iTEMP® transmitters provide long term stability ≤ 0.05 % per year
● Fast response time with reduced/tapered tip form
● Head transmitter with easy selection: Analog output 4 to 20 mA, HART®, PROFIBUS® PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus™

The TH13 temperature sensors are RTD assemblies installed in thermowells and designed for use in all types of process industries, including heavy industries, due to their rugged design.
The sensor is made up of a measurement probe with an insulated RTD element, sheath and a thermowell made of barstock material.

The sensor assemblies can be used in process industries such as:

● Chemicals
● Petrochemical
● Power plants
● Refineries
● Offshore platforms


  • Measuring principle

    Resistance Temperature Detector

  • Characteristic / Application

    US style

    modular temperature assembly

    threaded process connection

    process connection as weld in version

    with extension

    incl. thermowell

  • Terminal head

    TA20J – SS – w. or w/o. display

    TMT162 – aluminium – fieldhousing w. or w/o. display

    TMT162 – SS – fieldhousing w. or w/o. display

    Alu – screwed cover w. chain – E+H blue

    PP plastic – screwed cover w. chain

    Alu – flip cover

    TA30H – aluminum w. or w/o. display

  • Thermowell / protection tube

    bar stock (drilled)

  • Insert / probe

    mineral insulated (MI), flexible

    PTFE-insulated, rigid

  • Outer diameter protection tube / Insert

    3/4” (19,05 mm)

    1” (25,40 mm)

    17/16” (26,99 mm)

    15,88 mm …33,40 mm

    (0,63” …1,31”)

  • Max. immersion length on request

    up to 24″ (609 mm)

    others on request

  • Material protection tube/ thermowell


    others on request

  • Optional coating

    Available on request

  • Process connection

    male thread:




    weld in version

    socket weld version

  • Tip shape




  • Surface roughness Ra

    32 μin (0.80 μm)

  • Operating temperature range

    PT100 WW:

    -200 °C … 600 °C

    (-328 °F … 1.112 °F)


    -50 °C … 500 °C

    (-58 °F … 932 °F)

    PT100 TF:

    -50 °C … 200 °C
    (-58 °F … 392 °F)

  • Max. process pressure (static)

    at 20 °C: 100 bar (1.450 psi)

    depends on configuration

  • Accuracy

    class AA acc. to IEC 60751

    class A acc. to IEC 60751

    class B acc. to IEC 60751

  • Response time

    depending on configuration

  • Integration head transmitter


  • Ex – approvals

    transmitter only

    FM IS

    CSA IS


  • Certification

    SIL (transmitter only)

Datasheet : RTD TH13, TH14 and TH15

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