E+H Prosonic FMU90 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Prosonic FMU90 separated version with field housing or top hat rail housing for control cabinet instrumentation are suited for continuous, non-contact level measurement of fluids, pastes, sludge and powdery to coarse bulk solids. Also the flow measurement in open channels and weirs is possible as the simultaneous measurement of level and flow in a storm water overflow basin with only 1 sensor. Up to 6 relays for tendency alarm, flow pulse output or backwater/sludge alarm, 1 or 2 channel version.

  • Simple, menu-guided operation with 6-line plain text display, 15 languages selectable
  • Envelope curves on the display for quick and simple diagnosis
  • Easy operation, diagnosis and measuring point documentation with the supplied “FieldCare” operating program
  • Time-of-Flight correction via integrated or external temperature sensors
  • Linearisation (up to 32 points, freely configurable) for the most common flumes and weirs pre-programmed and selectable
  • Online calculation of the flume-/weir-flows via integrated flow curves
  • Automatic detection of the sensors FDU9x

Level measurement of fluids and bulk materials with 1 or 2 sensors for measuring of up to 45m (148ft) and level limit detection. Pump control, rake control and as option: additional pump control function.

  • Calculations: Average, difference, sum
  • Application flow: Flow measurement in open channels and weirs with 1 or 2 sensors
  • Flow measurement with back water or sludge detection
  • Up to 3 totalizers and 3 counters
  • Counting or time pulse output for control of external units
  • Measuring principle


  • Characteristic / Application

    Separated version with Field housing or top hat rail housing for control cabinet instrumentation, up to 6 relays for pump / rake / limit control, 1 or 2 channel version

  • Specialities

    Protection Class IP 66 / NEMA 4x
    automatic sensor recognition of FDU9x sensors
    option: flow measurement for open channel and weirs or additional pump control functions

  • Supply / Communication

    90 … 253 VAC
    10.5 … 32 VDC
    up to 2x 4…20mA HART
    Profibus DP

  • Accuracy

    +/- 2mm + 0.17% of measured distance

  • Ambient temperature

    -40 °C … 60 °C
    (-40 °F … 140 °F)

  • Communication

    up to 2x 4 … 20 mA HART
    Profibus DP

  • Certificates / Approvals


  • Options

    Illuminated display, 6 line graphic display with country specific menu guidance, on-site diagnosis with envelope curve on display

  • Components

    Sensors FDU9x

Datasheet: Prosonic S FMU90

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