E+H Liquicap FTI52 Capacitance Point Level Switch

E+H Liquicap FTI52 is a rope probe for Point Level Switch of liquids that are highly viscous and tend to form build-up. Also used for detection of interface and foam of conductive liquids. Due to its active build-up compensation, FTI52 offers maximum reliability and is suited for a wide range of applications thanks to international certificates. The parts in contact with the process are made of corrosion-resistant and FDA-listed materials – this guarantees a high safety standard.

  • Cost savings thanks to easy and fast commissioning as calibration takes place at the press of a button
  • Reliable and safe measurement due to active build-up compensation
  • Reliable and universal application thanks to wide range of certificates and approvals
  • Short reaction time
  • Material in contact with the process made of corrosion-resistant and FDA-listed materials
  • Two-stage overvoltage protection
  • No need for recalibration after replacing electronics

Datasheet: Technical Information Liquicap M FTI51, FTI52 

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