Dwyer Series SF2 Sight Flow Meters

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The SERIES SF2 Sight Flow Transmitters combine visual confirmation of flow with a relay or pulse output. The SF2-1 offers a SPDT relay output and the SF2-2 offers a pulse output proportional to the rate of flow. The 4.5 to 24 VDC pulse output is compatible with most digital logic families.

Product Applications

  • Cooling and lubrication circuits
  • HVAC systems
  • Aggressive chemical metering
  • Batching systems

Service : Liquids compatible with wetted parts.

Wetted Materials : Brass body, ceramic pin, PPS rotor, polysulfone lens, and fluoroelastomer O-ring.

Accuracy : Relay output: ±5%; Pulsed output: ±7% for ranges up to 5.0 GPM, ±15% for ranges up to 60.0 GPM.

Temperature Limits : -20 to 212°F (-29 to 100°C).

Pressure Limit : 200 psig (13.8 bar) @ 70°F.

Power Requirements : See table on Catalog page.

Output : SPDT: 1 Amp, 24 VDC resistive; 0.3 Amp, 110 VAC or 4.5 VDC to 24 VDC pulse depending on sku.

Electrical Connections : Relay output skus: 20AWG PVC-jacketed, 24″ cable; Pulsed output skus: 22AWG PVC-jacketed, 24″ cable.

Process Connections : See table on Catalog page.

Set Point Differential : 15% max. for relay output skus.

Maximum Viscosity : 200 SSU.

Agency Approvals : CE.

  • Brass, solid body construction, one piece composite rotor, and ceramic shaft delivers durability with broader chemical, temperature, and pressure capabilities
  • Set points are fully adjustable over the specified flow range
  • The dynamic operation of the rotor guards against jamming and false actuation

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