Dwyer Series MDA Miniature Adjustable Pressure Switch

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Sense differential pressure with the Series MDA Miniature Adjustable Pressure Switch. The switch features field adjustable set point and gold inlay contacts. Air or other compatible fluids can be used on the “high side”. The lightweight and compact size make the MDA ideal for any application with space constraints. Applications include industrial, HVAC, pump and motor control, medical, automotive, pools and spas.

Product Applications

  • Industrial
  • HVAC
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Pump and motor control
  • Pools and spas

Switch Type : SPST normally open.

Switching Media : Air or compatible fluids on “high side”.

Pressure Limits : MDA-011: 4 psi; MDA-111: 8 psi; MDA-211: 8 psi; MDA-311: 15 psi. MDA-411: 30 psi.

Current Rating : 40 mA resistive for life in excess of 20 million cycles.

Temperature Limits : 40 to 150°F (4 to 66°C).Contacts:18K gold inlay.

Electrical Connections : Terminals – 0.187″ x 0.20: spade (recessed) for use with quick disconnects.

Pressure Connections : Smooth port 5/32″ diameter for 1/8″ ID tubing.

Housing : Polycarbonate.

Diaphragm Material : Polyurethane.

Operating Voltage : AC/DC – 30 V or less with resistive load.

Mounting : Use #4 screws through mounting lugs or #2 screws through eyelets.

Weight : Less than 10 grams.

  • Air or fluid on high side permits multiple uses where both air and liquids exist
  • Small and lightweight for applications where space is constrained
  • Gold contacts help ensure a clean connection without dirt or oxidation

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