Dwyer Series IF Industrial Variable Area Flowmeter

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The Dwyer Series IF Industrial Direct Reading Variable Flowmeters are flowmeters that directly measure flow rates up to 116 GPM (439 LPM) for water and 250 SCFM (7080 LPM) for air service.

Product Applications

  • Gas or liquid metering
  • Industrial pneumatic or hydraulic systems
  • Direct read scales with no need for correlation charts saves time
  • Detachable, clear 3/16″ thick polycarbonate front shield provides protection at maximum rated temperature and pressure

Service : Liquids or gases.
Wetted Materials : Flowtube: Borosilicate glass; float, guide rods, float stops, end; Fittings: 316 SS; O-rings: Fluoroelastomer.
Temperature Limit : 200°F (93°C).
Pressure Limit : 200 psi (13.8 bar); 125 psi for tube size 5 & 6.
Accuracy : ±3% of FS.
Repeatability : ±0.5% of FS.
Turn-down Ratio : 10:1.
Scale : Dual scale GPM and SCFM.
Process Connection : See Dimensional Drawing page.
Mounting : Vertical.
Front Shield : Polycarbonate.
Side Panels : 304 SS.

Manuals: Dwyer_IF_Manual

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