Dwyer Series 1950 Explosion-proof Differential Pressure Switch

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Dwyer Series 1950 is an Explosion-Proof Differential Pressure Switch combines the best features of the popular Dwyer Series 1900 Pressure Switch with an integral explosion-proof and weatherproof housing, making it an exceptional value for either application.

Dwyer Series 1950 is CE, UL and CSA listed, FM approved for use in Class I, Div 1, Groups C and D, Class II Groups E, F, and G and Class III hazardous atmospheres (NEMA 7 & 9), watertight NEMA 3 (IP54). Weatherproof features include a drain plug and O-ring seal in cover. Electrical connections are easily made by removing the front cover. For convenience, the setpoint adjustment screw is located on the outside of the housing. Twelve different set points from .03 to 20 in w.c. (0.0075 to 5 kPa) and from .5 to 50 psi (0.035 to 3.5 bar). The unit is very light and compact — about half the weight and bulk of other explosion-proof or weatherproof switches with separate enclosures.

CAUTION: For use only with air or compatible gases. Applications with hazardous atmospheres and a single positive pressure may require special venting.

Product Applications

  • HVAC applications
  • Process applications
  • All-weather applications
  • Explosion-proof and weatherproof housing
  • Outdoor use or harsh environment operation
  • External setpoint screw provides easy access that simplifies making adjustments without opening or disassembling enclosure
  • Easily accessible electrical connection simplifies the installation
  • Approvals: CE, CSA, FM, UL

Instruction Manual: Dwyer_1950_Manual
Catalog: Dwyer_Series-1950_Catalog
Datasheet: Dwyer_1950_Datasheet

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