Contrec 515–BF02 Dual Stage Batch & Flow Controller

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Contrec 515 Series with BF02 application is a batching flow controller for delivery of preset quantities at preset flowrates using volumetric analogue input. Batch control can operate in preset or on-off modes, while flow control can be set to local manual) or PI loop mode.

This application provides the operator with clear local readout including flowrate deviation and can be controlled via communications in more automated systems. There is quick access to commonly used preset values directly from the front panel if access has been authorized.

The PI control of the process flow is via a 4-20mA proportional valve or pump controller. It has integral wind- up protection, a deadband, output hold and ramp time that can be programmed to reduce wear on valves and actuators and provide for bumpless operation.

  • Tailored for volumetric frequency flow input
  • Single or Dual stage control
  • Preset or manual On-Off modes
  • Easy access to batch and flow rate presets
  • No-flow, leakage and overflow error detection
  • Allows for permissive with prompt
  • Uses PI Loop Control
  • Allows for non-linear correction
  • Storage of 1000 transactions with time and date stamp
  • Selection of second language and user tags
  • Selectable protocols on serial ports including Modbus RTU and Printer output
  • Backlit display with LCD backup

Datasheet: Contrec 515 – BF02 Datasheet
Instruction Manual: Contrec 515 – BF02 Instruction Manual

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