Comate VFM45 Steam Flow Meters|Vortex Mass Flow Meters

The Vortex Steam Mass Flowmeter is a precision instrument designed to measure gas and steam flow rates as low as 5 meters per second. This advanced flowmeter operates without any moving parts, resulting in minimal pressure loss during measurement. Its electrical components are thoughtfully isolated to eliminate interference, ensuring accurate and reliable data. What sets it apart is its adaptability to a wide range of power sources, making it suitable for various applications. With a user-friendly 2-line LCD display, it offers clear and convenient data presentation. This versatile flowmeter provides multiple output options, including pulses and a 4~20mA signal, and it supports Hart@4~20mA and RS485 for enhanced connectivity. Users have the flexibility to choose between Metric and British units, catering to different measurement preferences. Additionally, it features a built-in density compensation function, eliminating the need for an external flow computer when measuring mass flow.

The VFM45 Vortex Steam Flow Meter Transmitter has a remarkable track record, with over 5000 installations, making it a trusted and proven choice in the industry. Its reputation is built on providing the most reliable and durable measurement solutions, making it a go-to option for various applications.

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