Comate Multivariable VFM60MV Vortex Flow Meters

COMATE VFM60MV multivariable vortex meters are designed to measure mass flow for saturated and superheated steam without the need for external installations. With advanced SSP signal processing and unique sensor technology, VFM60MV can provide more stable measurement results in conditions like vibrations and low flow.

Direct Mass Flow Measurement for Saturated Steam/Superheated Steam

The purpose of a vortex steam meter with temperature and pressure compensation is to correct the result when the volume deviates from the actual flow. In gas form, steam’s density varies with changes in temperature and pressure. Without compensation, this can lead to significant errors. The vortex mass flow meter is the ideal solution for accurate steam flow measurement.

The Comate VFM60MV Series Multivariable vortex steam flow meter incorporates cutting-edge Comate technologies. This type of multivariable steam mass meter can make highly accurate measurements of various fluids, including liquids, air, gas, saturated steam, and superheated steam. It can withstand high temperatures, particularly up to 350°C (662°F), and can measure very low flows.

State-of-the-Art Vortex Flow Sensing

With three built-in sensors—a vortex shedding flow velocity sensor, a pressure transmitter, and a temperature sensor—the VFM60MV series vortex meter can more accurately measure the mass flow and standard flow of processing gases and steam through density compensation.

Advantages of Vortex Type Steam Flow Meter

  • Built-in temperature & pressure compensation transmitter
  • Patented dual-probe design for excellent anti-vibration performance
  • Measurement limit down to 2m/s, with a wide turndown ratio of 1:35 (external for 1:40)
  • Compact design with an integrated display supporting a high range of up to 350°C
  • A multifunctional vortex meter for steam, air, gas, and liquid


  • Monitoring and custody transfer of saturated steam and superheated steam
  • Monitoring of dry and wet compressed air at compressor inlets/outlets
  • Gas drainage in coal mines
  • Measurement of natural gas, biogas process control, and custody transfer
  • Measurement of conductive and non-conductive liquids

Main application: Flow measurement of liquid, gas, air and steam
Compensation: Temperature, and pressure compensate
Applicable fluid temperature range: -40 to 350 °C
Turndown ratio: 1:35 for steam
                               1:30 for air, gas
                               1:22 for liquid
Diameter: 15 to 400mm for wafer or flanged
Accuracy: 1.0% of reading for gas, steam
                   0.75% of reading for liquid

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