Anderson-Negele SW/CT Life Sciences RTDs and Temperature Transmitters

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Anderson-Negele’s electronic temperature sensors combine our industry-proven, all stainless steel construction with modular components. Interchangeable RTD elements, wiring heads, transmitter modules and digital displays can be individually selected. Components can be factory or field assembled in the optimum configuration for any application. To further facilitate adaptability, our RTD’s are offered with the widest selection of sanitary clamp and thermowell fittings; and
with sealed cable, quick disconnect, or wiring heads options.

Our temperature transmitters are available in analogue and HART “SMART” versions. These modules can be factory or field-installed in any wiring head or panel mounted remotely from the RTD element allowing for greater flexibility. New Dual Output options provide two signals in virtually any combinations

  • Modular components provide maximum configuration flexibility
  • Unique element-to-housing design eliminates exposed threads, lowers profile
  • All stainless steel construction with O-ring seals for maximum corrosion and moisture protection
  • NIST traceable with certifications
  • Custom lengths (up to 6”) available at no extra charge
  • Dual Output Options
  • Quick Disconnect Options

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