Anderson-Negele FTS Flow Switch

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Sometimes a flowmeter offers more features and functionality than what is needed. It is often these applications that can be handled by a flow switch which provides a simple digital output indication of when the flow is above or below a user-programmed set point. The FTS is Anderson-Negele’s offering for a sanitary 3-A approved flow switch. Unlike competitive products, the FTS-741 offers an all in one design where the clamp connection is one piece with the sensing element. This design eliminates a sealing point between the fitting and the sensor that adds to maintenance and sanitation concerns. It also simplifies ordering as one model number buys a complete sensor instead of having to remember multiple part numbers when ordering. So whether the application is CIP proof of return or controlling a heating circuit for a hot-fill use. Anderson Negele FTS will prove to be the right choice.

  • Calorimetric measuring principle with pulsed heating
  • Only one sensor tip, the flow-optimized shape
  • Insensitive toward temperature shocks, short response time
  • integrated sensor protection: Automatic switch-off at T >100°C (switch on hysteresis at T <95°C)
  • Freely adjustable switch output 15 ~ 200/300cm/s – 7 ~ 100%
  • Indicator (within the head), LED for switching state

Datasheet: Anderson-Negele FTS Product Information





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