Anderson-Negele EM Life Sciences Series Pressure Gauge (90mm)

The Anderson Negele EM series 90mm hygienic pressure gauge is specifically designed for the life sciences processing environment. Our customers in the Life Sciences and Biotech market will appreciate the unique features that are standard on all Anderson life science products, including all-welded construction, electro-polished wetted parts, and standard calibration certifications. In addition, the compact profile of the EM series gauge ensures maximum readability while fitting virtually anywhere.

However, what truly sets the EM series gauge apart is the offset adjustment, which is included as a standard feature on every gauge. The offset adjustment is rear-mounted and unobtrusive, ensuring tamperproof operation. We even provide a special tool for optional span adjustment, further enhancing the gauge’s accuracy and reliability.

In summary, the Anderson Negele EM series 90mm hygienic pressure gauge is a reliable and accurate solution for pressure monitoring in the life sciences processing environment. With its unique features and offset adjustment, this gauge offers unparalleled convenience and accuracy, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

  • The industry’s only externally adjustable span and offset
  • Designed specifically for SIP and autoclave applications
  • Lowest/most narrow profile of any sanitary gauge
  • Custom laser-etched markings available
  • Available clean for oxygen service

Datasheet: Anderson-Negele_EM-Series-datasheet

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