ADtek CS1-VA Voltage/Current Meter

Input: 0~60mA DC
Output: 0(1)~5 V or 0~10 V
Aux Power: AC 115/230V


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Introducing the CS1-VA, a cost-effective Voltage/Current Indicator engineered to deliver precision in measurement, display, and communication. This versatile device covers a communication range spanning 0~600V for DC/AC/TRMS and 0~10A.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to select from a range of options, including 1 set of Relay output, Analog output, or RS-485 (Modbus RTU Mode). These options empower you to create new functions such as control, alarms, data transmission, or seamless communication, making it exceptionally adaptable for diverse industrial testing applications. The CS1-VA is your reliable choice for accurate measurements and enhanced functionality in the field.

  • Measuring Voltage: 0~600V or Current: 0~10A for DC/AC/TRMS
  • Option to choose 1 of the following: 1 relay, 1 analog output, or RS485 (Modbus RTU mode)
  • The relay can be individually programmed for various functions, including Hi/Lo, Hi Latch/Lo Latch, energized with Start Delay, Hysteresis, Energized & De-energized Delay functions.
  • Additional options include analog output or RS485 communication port.
  • CE Approved & RoHS Compliant

Data Sheet: Adtek CS1-VA DataSheet
Instruction Manual: Adtek CS1 Series Manual

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