ADtek A6-SG Weighing Controller

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Product Highlights

  •  Measuring range -1~35mV, 0.3μV/D resolution, and the sampling rate can be set from 6.25~100 time/second
  • There are two calibration modes in mV standard input and key in the number of load cell’s signal(mV/V) or counterweight with a system to do the calibration
  • Four relay outputs are not only can be set to Hi/OK/Lo, period compare and compare by trigger three modes, but also feeder, discharge, peak, compare during PV over the band of zero, and so on.
  • Four control input can be set from terminals or front key input with zero, tare, gross, net, weighing start/end function and so on.
  • Optional re-transmission and RS485 communication port available.
  • ADtek A6-SG Weighing Controller has been designed with high accuracy measurement (24bits A/D), six digits display, flexible I/O functions and the communication port for the general weighing application.
  • Build in with the output
    • 4 External Control Inputs
    • 4 Relay Output (Optional)
    • 1 Analog Output (Optional)
    • 1 RS485 (Modbus RTU Mode) (Optional)
  • Communication port with multi-functions such as control, alarm, re-transmission, and communication for a wide range of industrial sensors
  • Zero and stable tracking function in programming level.
  • According to the application, the user can set the function to get the proper reading.
  • The optional four relays can be selected individually for feeder, discharge, peak or alarm in 7 control modes

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